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Possible Candidates for the Presidential Race in 2008


          If one has been paying attention to the latest political news, they are sure to have heard hints being dropped as to who the next Presidential candidates may be for the 2008 election. For those who may have not heard, there are a few popular candidates who are thought to be good possible candidates in the Presidential race in 2008.

Senator Hillary Clinton

           Senator Hillary Clinton is a name which was mentioned in conjunction with the Presidential race in 2008 many months back. Senator Clinton has experience in the White House as the First Lady and has political experience as a current Senator in New York. Having a large following, Senator Clinton might be a likely candidate for the Presidential race in 2008 and it has been alluded to through various forums that Senator Clinton is interested in being a participant.

Senator John Kerry

           Senator John Kerry is another potential candidate who may run in the Presidential race in 2008. Having been the Democratic candidate in 2004, Senator Kerry was defeated by President George Bush. It has been offered up in the media that Senator Kerry may give it another shot in 2008.

Governor Jeb Bush

It has also been stated that Governor Jeb Bush, brother of President Bush and Governor of the State of Florida, might be a good candidate in the Presidential race in 2008. Governor Bush also has quite a lengthy political resume and might be a wonderful contender. 


           These are just three of the many well-known political figures who are thought to be favored potential candidates for the Presidential race in 2008. With that said, only time will tell.

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