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Tom Vilsack Biography

Former Governor of Iowa

biography of tom vilsack 2008 presidential election pollsBiography, Videos, and Latest 2008 Election Polls

Tom Vilsack became Iowa’s first Democratic governor in 30 years when he won the election there. Now, Vilsack is the first Democrat to make a formal declaration for the presidency, although it is believed to be a long shot, since a number of better known candidates are running for the coveted post.

Vilsack has said that he plans a “Gala Celebration of American Community” as his initial fundraising event. Before making his final calculations, however, Vilsack must find a way to win his party's nomination. It is clear though, that he will be an important player in Iowa along with Clinton, Obama, Edwards and Evan Bayh.

Vilsack is certainly not as well known as some of the other Democrat candidates. But he will spend the year traveling the country looking for support. Vilsack supporters believe his accomplishments as governor and focus on early childhood education will play well to Democrats, regardless of him being relatively unknown. The other primary factor in Vilsack's favor is the fact that he belongs to the Midwest. John Kerry's loss in 2004 has made Democrats wary of fielding another candidate from the northeast.

Vilsack currently heads the Democratic Leadership Council, a group that former President Clinton used to help launch his candidacy. He has also traveled the country campaigning for Democratic candidates for the post of Governor.

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