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Al Gore Biography

Former Vice President from Washington DC

al gore biographyBiography, Videos, and Latest 2008 Election Polls

45th U.S. Vice President. Albert Arnold Gore Jr., born on March 31, 1948, in Washington, D.C. His father, Albert Gore Sr., was a congressman from Tennessee, he had served in the House of Representatives, mother, Pauline Gore, was one of the first women to graduate from Vanderbilt Law School.

Al Gore served in the U.S. Army and he also worked briefly as a newspaper reporter before winning election to Congress in 1976. Gore has an undergraduate degree from Harvard, where he once lived with actor Tommy Lee Jones. Gore also attended graduate classes at Vanderbilt University's schools of divinity and law.

In 1970, Gore married Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson (known as Tipper), whom he had first met at his high school senior prom in Washington, D.C. They have four children: Karenna Gore (born August 6, 1973; Kristin Gore (born June 5, 1977); Sarah (born January 7, 1979); and Al Gore III (born October 19, 1982). Mr. Al  Gores also have two grandchildren: Wyatt (born July 4, 1999) and Anna Schiff.

He ran at the presidency election in 1988, He won five southern states on Super Tuesday, but later lost to Michael Dukakis. Gore was chosen by Clinton to be his 1992 running mate. The two were elected and then re-elected in 1996. Gore's detail-oriented concern for environmental and economic issues earned him a reputation as a "policy wonk" with a wooden personality. In August of 2000 Gore won the Democratic Party nomination for U.S. president, choosing Connecticut senator Joe Lieberman as his running mate.

In later years Gore has dedicated himself to raising the public awareness of global warming. A documentary about Gore and climate change, titled An Inconvenient Truth, was released in 2006. The film has earned an Oscar as the year's best documentary, along with an second Oscar for the Melissa Etheridge song, "I Need to Wake Up."

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