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Al Sharpton Biography

Reverend from New York

al sharpton biographyBiography, Videos, and Latest 2008 Election Polls

As Reverend Al Sharpton himself admits in his 1996 autobiography "Go and Tell Pharaoh", his critics have often dubbed him as `a loudmouth, a walking sound bite, a charlatan and worst of all, an imposter, with no real constituency'. However, in spite of such a reputation, the Reverend Al (Alfred) Sharpton has been a strong presence on America's political scene, particularly New York, for the last several decades.

The Reverend has an image of being a believer in Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of non-violence and an activist in the tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King. At the age of 49, Sharpton says he is running for president.  He has no hope of landing the White House, but that won't stop him from conducting an aggressive campaign. In fact, the presidential campaign has often been enlivened by candidates who are clearly the underdogs.

When Sharpton visited Boston as part of his campaign, The Boston Herald noted the "joyous singing and thunderous applause" that greeted him, whose "energetic visit left many enthusiastic about his presidential bid." In fact, Sharpton's own self-description was as a man known "for my fights against racial profiling and discrimination."

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