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Evan Bayh Biography

Senator of Indiana

evan bayh biography 2008 presidential election polls

Biography, Videos, and Latest 2008 Election Polls

Senator Evan Bayh was elected Secretary of State in 1986 and served two terms as Governor of the state of Indiana. He also successfully ran for United States Senator in 1998 and 2004. Senator Bayh currently serves on five Senate committees including the Special Committee on Aging and the Small Business Committee.

Bayh has realized that the odds of winning the election were going to be very long for a relatively unknown candidate like himself. As a result, he has withdrawn from the race for presidency. According to him, "I concluded that due to circumstances beyond our control the odds were longer than I felt I could responsibly pursue".

From his work involving small businesses to his fight to make higher education more affordable, Senator Bayh has shown commitment to making real progress. Bayh has a record of political success in a Republican-favoring state. In addition, he recently hired his first paid organizer for Iowa, the state whose caucuses will be the opening competition of the campaign.

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