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The 2008 presidential race will be the first time since 1928 that neither the sitting president nor the sitting vice president will enter a state caucus or primary and run for president.

There will be series of events sponsored by the different parties during 2007, including debates, straw polls, and other events designed to give voters a chance to meet the candidates. The Democrats, for example, are hosting a series of forums and debates in Nevada, beginning in February 2007. The events will continue in other states throughout the next few months.

Politicians with ambition have begun to express their desire for the presidency in the form of "exploratory committees," which allows them to travel for fundraising activities without having to follow financial restrictions under the law. Senator Barack Obama was one of the first people to float an exploratory committee.

The biggest problem that the Democratic presidential hopefuls will have to contend with is Iraq. Referring to the Senate's Iraq resolution, the most telling line of the campaign so far was made by Sen. Hillary Clinton who declared, “There are many people who wish we could do more than merely debate and vote".


While the Republican party has only one hopeful set in stone, there are already three Democrats vying for the party's 2008 nomination. Three candidates have announced their plans to run in the 2008 presidential election.

Delaware Senator Joe Bidden is one of the hopefuls. The Unite Our States campaign is Bidden's brainchild. This won't be Bidden's first run for the Washington. In 1988, Senator Bidden announced a desire to lanuch a presidential campaign. A firestorm of controversy followed. Bidden was dubbed a plagirist after it was discovered that he had copied a speech from British politican, Neil Kinnock.

Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut and former Alaska senator, Mike Gravel are the other two confirmed 2008 presidential candidates. But when it comes to the Democrats, it is the unspoken that speaks volumes. The candidates who have yet to throw in a bid are the most talked about. Election 2008 presidential candidates who have formed committees and are rumored to be seriously eyeing Washington's Ivory Tower include:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York: Hey, didn't she hold this job already.

Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts: Kerry gave George W. a run for his money in 2004. Kerry works closely with Keeping a America's Promise, a grassroots organization designed to help Democrats across the nation. Could he be giving it a go again?

Senator Evan Bayh, Indiana

Senator Russ Feingold, Wisconsin: Feingold was the only senator to "nay" the 2004 Patriot Act. Senator Feingold is the current honorary chair of the Progressive Patriots Fund. The PPF is devoted to developing foward thinking reform agendas.

Other potential Democratic candidates include, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, Governor Tom Vilsack hailing from Iowa, and former Virginia Governor, Mark Warner.

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