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Jim Gilmore Biography

Former Governor of Virginia

jim gilmore biography 2008 presidential election polls

Biography, Videos, and Latest 2008 Election Polls

Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore has set up an exploratory presidential campaign for 2008. Jim Gilmore's supporters believe that he stands for low taxes and secure borders. He continues to be an advocate for deficit reductions, spending limits, and national security.

During his tenure as Governor of Virginia, Jim Gilmore helped create more than 250,000 new jobs and gave the state its lowest unemployment in 40 years. Jim Gilmore supports efforts to reduce taxes including making the Bush tax cuts permanent. Gilmore also has strong views on illegal immigration. He believes that illegal immigrants should be dealt with strictly and according to the law. According to him, America must secure its borders to protect itself.

On the issue of Iraq, Jim Gilmore supports increasing the number of troops in Iraq and giving the military a clearly defined mission that will allow them to defeat the insurgency. Jim Gilmore rejects the calls of those who demand a pullout of U.S. forces from Iraq on an immediate basis.

A "Draft Gilmore for President" group was formed in August 2006 encouraging Gilmore to run for president. This group also runs the "unofficial" campaign website for James Gilmore.

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