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Who gets your vote in 2012?

 Barack Obama (BO)

 Mike Huckabee (MH)

Third Party Candidates

elaine brown bob w hagris bob jackson

Elaine Brown (Green Party)

Bob W. Hargis

Bob Jackson (Libertarian)

steve kubby
james h mccall
michael tienken
Steve Kubby (Libertarian)
James H. McCall (Independent)
Michael Tienken (Independent)

When it comes to presidential elections, the fighting two-some of the Democratic and Republican parties are usually the hot ticket in town. Every once and a while, a third party candidate emerges with all the majesty to create a media circus pops up. Just look at Ross Perot and Ralph Nadar. Even with the 2008 presidential election just around the corner, it's difficult to tell just what third party candidate will be the breakout star of this time around, but many are already eyeing the White House.

What Are the Third Parties?
The third party consists of several political groups. They include: the Constitution Party, the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, the Personal Choice, the Prohibition, and the Socialist parties. The Independent party is also a part of the third party group, although Independents are just individuals, not actually a party.

The Minutemen
The Minutemen are a group of volunteers who man the Mexican border attempting to deter immigrants from illegally crossing the border. Jim Gilchrist is the group's founder, and he just might be the next President of the United States. Gilchrist has vowed that if John McCain wins the Republican bid for office he will also enter the presidential race as a Constitution Party candidate. Michael Peroutka is another potential Green Party nominee.

The Green Party
The Green Party gained momentum under one-time presidential hopeful, Ralph Nadar. Kat Swift is the head of the Green Party hailing from the big state of Texas, and this is one Southern belle who has already thrown her hat into the ring. The claws will be out, Swift has been planning her campaign since the 2004 election. She will be one of the youngest candidates on the ballot.

The Libertarian Party
The Libertarian Party has a number of potential candidates, including a former Comedy Central celeb. Doug Stanhope is a stand-up comic who claimed his fame with performances on the now defunct, The Man Show. Worchester Polytechnic Institute professor George Phillies, is expected to run. Phillies has given two unsuccessful shots at holding political office. In 1996, Phillies ran for the U.S Senate, followed by a run for the House in 1998. Lance Brown, and New Jersey activist, Robert W. Milnes are also expected to run for president as Libertarian Party candidates.

Other Parties
The Personal Choice, Prohibition and Socialist parties have not emerged with presidential hopefuls yet.

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